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Masato Antique Trade

The Masato Antique Trade is situated in the heart of the old Rovinj's town, in a little charming street where the atmosphere is still antique and where there are many renovate villas made of istrian stone. The peculiarity of this unique antique store is the variety of the istrian furnish that you can find in it. Every antique furnish has been renewed with total care and with classical and modern methods. Even though there is a little room  the Galleria Masato offers the same  contents as a museum.

The Galleria Masato offers a great choice of  pieces made with craftsmanship and some modern pieces and also the nickel and silver hand made  lamps. At last in the Galleria Masato you can find paintings made by young artists that confer to the Galleria an enchanted atmosphere. Every little object in this „little wonderland“ testifies the tradition of the istrian handicraft. 

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