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Pula, safely sheltered deep in the bay, has been recognized by ancient Romans as a place of safety, so with reason in the 19th century by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Pula was turned into a major naval military port. Primarily, Pula is known for its Roman amphitheater, sixth largest in the world and one of the best preserved in the world, unique in its style. Besides the amphitheater, which is the largest and most famous of Roman monuments in Pula, you can see several fascinating monuments that stand impressive for 2000 years and provide a wealth of historical heritage of this area. From the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the greatest period of development of Pula remained rich architecture and numerous forts in Pula and its surroundings as well as a shipyard with distinctive cranes, today "luminous giants". 2014 Pula lighting designer has installed this art installation that can project 16,000 colors that illuminate the Pula giants making them unique light sculpture of Pula.
Today, Pula is the largest city in Istria, and the place of many manifestations, events and concerts, especially during the summer months. One of the most famous film festivals in Croatia, Pula Film Festival will allow you screening of films under the open sky in the 2000 year old building, amphitheater. The Pula Arena was a performance stage for world artists such as Placido Domingo, Sting or Elton John, providing visitors with a unique atmosphere and an unforgettable experience in this special place.
Pula is only 5 km from Fažana, easily accessible by public transport, car or bicycle.

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