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Our story


 “I will set down a tale as it was told to me by one who had it of his father, which latter had it of HIS father, this last having in like manner had it of HIS father – and so on, back and still back, three hundred years and more, the fathers transmitting it to the sons and so preserving it. It may be history, it may only be a legend, a tradition.” - Mark Twain

 So, for centuries it was the main village guesthouse mostly visited by sailors and olive oil and wine merchants crossing the Adriatic Sea. The legend may have become history when the Austrian industrialist, Paul Kupelwieser bought the Brijuni islands in 1893 from the Venetians. Namely, the night he made that decision he stayed in the inn, which is today Villetta Phasiana. Inspired by the beauty of the islands, the charm of the fisherman’s village Fazana, the perfect climate, the taste of the local food and wine and the warm hospitality of his hosts he felt completely subdued. About fifty years later, staying for a brief moment at the same inn as Mr Kupelwieser, apparently the same inspiration led the late Yugoslav president Tito to choose the Brijuni islands as his summer residence. It is only in 2005 that the new owners of this now roofless medieval mansion decided to go through the painful reconstruction with the dream of reinstating the authenticity, hospitality and the atmosphere that led Kupelwieser and Tito to make Fazana and Brijuni their new home.

Villetta Phasiana is therefore waiting for all the ones that are curious to become part of this legend and its story, while enjoying the sea, sun and all of the Istrian natural products!

Who knows: maybe you are the next one to make a decision of your life while staying with us?

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